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ORACOVER® EPP ADHESIVE (Expanded PolyPropylene) Models made of EPP are coated with our special ORACOVER® EPP ADHESIVE, in the areas to be covered. Before coating makes sure the surface is as smooth as possible, as any faults and roughness will show later on. Let dry thoroughly before covering.

To achieve a better bonding on rough and uneven surfaces we recommend the application of a thin layer of ORACOVER® EPP ADHESIVE (ref. No. 0982). Let it dry over night. You can apply the ORACOVER® or ORASTICK® covering the next day. As the surface keeps a certain tack it is important to apply the covering as plain as possible. The heat activable adhesive is the basis for a permanent adhesion of EPP and film. When ironing and shrinking the covering make sure the temperature affecting the surface does not exceed 160° C as the heat may damage the surface of the EPP.

Instruction: The film can easily be removed without damaging the surface by heating it to approx. 80°C (e.g. for repairs). Attention, contains solvents, not suitable for "foam" = styrofoam!

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