Not available ORACOLOR 2-K-elastic varnish - 100 ml ORATEX antique opaque

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ORACOLOR® ORATEX® is availabe with the identical shade matching our ORATEX® products.

ORACOLOR® is special because it is a highly concentrated two-component paint, which will be mixed with a Hardener for spraying to spray or airbrush the paint or a Hardener for brushing to brush the paint. Mix as follows: 2:1 (2 parts of paint and one part of the Hardener). By adding the hardener you automatically achieve the correct consistency of the paint for spraying or brushing. Completely dried ORACOLOR® is FUEL PROOF and CAN BE IRONED ON. Furthermore, we would like to inform you that our model aircraft paints are highly concentrated and that,depending on the spraying machine,they need to be diluted up to 40% with ORACOLOR® Special thinner to have the optimal consistency especially at lower or higher temperatures. Contents: 100 ml


Mix as follows in ml: 1:2 (hardener:paint)

NNot suitable for surfaces not resistant to organic solvents.

Please note the necessary accessories!

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Type of Article Paint
Colour Code 012D
Colour antique
Colour Series Oratex
Content in ml 100

required parts

250 ml
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basic price 48.20 € / 1 L

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ORACOLOR Hardener for spraying ORACOLOR Hardener for spraying
50 ml
11.50 €
basic price 230.00 € / 1 L

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ORACOLOR Hardener for Brushing ORACOLOR Hardener for Brushing
50 ml
11.50 €
basic price 230.00 € / 1 L

Article is in stock


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