Company Story


1975 - Company was founded

The predecessor of LANITZ-PRENA FOLIEN FACTORY GmbH, LANITZ-MODELLBAU in Berlin, was founded in 1975. Initially LANITZ-MODELLBAU produced and marketed model aircraft kits and accessories.

Already in the late 1970s we distributed the first mass-produced ready-to-cover model airplanes, to be followed by the first ARFs. With the mass production of these ARF ranges the weak points of conventional covering films became obvious.


1984 - covering film for model aircraft

In autumn 1984 the idea was born to develop a covering film that met our special requirements as manufacturers of ARFs, in order to be able to make top quality model aircraft.


1985 - Production launched under the name of ORACOVER®

In 1985 the production of these covering films was launched under the name of ORACOVER®. Due to the world-wide growing demand for this product we decided to stop the production and distribution of model airplanes and accessories altogether and to concentrate on the production of ORACOVER®.


Über uns1992 - Enlarge our product range

In 1992 the decision was made to considerably enlarge our product range, and Leipzig in East Germany was chosen as new location for the production. For this purpose LANITZ-MODELLBAU bought and privatized PRENA-Werk Leipzig GmbH, the former state-owned VEB ISOFOL factory and converted it into the new production centre.


1993 - three shifts daily

Since 1993 our products have been manufactured in three shifts daily. At the same time the production of ORACOVER® films has been completely reworked and brought up to the latest state of the art. The production technology newly developed in Leipzig by Mr. Lanitz has been patented world-wide.


1995 - Fusion of the sites Berlin and Leipzig

1995 the decision was made in favour of a merger between LANITZ-MODELLBAU BERLIN and PRENA-WERK LEIPZIG GmbH, with the new company name LANITZ-PRENA FOLIEN FACTORY GmbH reflecting the new facts.


1998 - Development of UV-blocked special polyester films

Also in 1998, we developed UV-blocked special polyester films for applications in general aviation.


2009 - First covering ORALIGHT® film

In 2009, we developed the first covering ORALIGHT® film.


2015 - Design-Black color

In 2015, we introduced the color design-black for model making.


2016 - Development of matt films

Since 2016 we have also been able to meet the demand for matt films thanks to a further proprietary development.


2017 - Non-shrinking 2-component PU-based spatula

In 2017, we developed a non-shrinking, two-component PU-based spatula.

2017 - Website-Relaunch

Website RelaunchThe new Lanitz-Website comes with many new technical features and a modern Design. For you we made our Onlineshop faster, clearer, more comfortable and more informative. Most important feature: You can filter by item characteristics and find exactly the product what you're searching for.

In addition to that we made two Websites out of one: on www.oracover.de you still find everything which relates to model making, handicraft work and creative need and on www.lanitz-aviation.com you find from now on all our products and information which relate to General Aviation.

Air sport has a tradition in our company

Siegfried Lanitz is the sole proprietor, managing director and patent-holder of ORACOVER. He discovered his love of the modelling hobby at the age of fourteen. Today he still looks at the development of a new product with a modeller's eyes; and only if a new development fully convinces him as a private modeller, it will reach the stage of regular production. His philosophy: Only the very best is good enough for my customers' model aircraft. He also tests our products in the range of general aviation regarding their suitability in daily use.

By the way, in case you have any questions concerning the covering of aircraft: We are always at your service! Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or fax or simply call us.


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