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ORACOVER® AIR Adhesive has been specially developed for best bonding of lengths of film, for making blimps and airships. It has to be applied THINLY onto both sides of the seam area, to be ironed at c. 70°C - 80°C, after drying.

We produce a suitable adhesive for every field of application, for instance to prepare wooden surfaces for easy ironing: The liquid adhesives soak into the wood, gluing unstable fibres closely and permanently to the surface. This prevents the fibres tearing off under stress and the covering coming off, which is the usual cause of wrinkles. Torn-off fibres will enter the adhesive layer of covering films, thus preventing proper adhesion. Also additional ironing does not really solve the problem: the covering film shrinks all right, but the glue layer which has become mixed with torn-off fibres can no longer properly adhere to the surface. Our liquid adhesives are an exact match to the adhesives used for our covering films. Accordingly, always choose the adhesive appropriate for the covering film you are using. The consumption of adhesive is c. 20g/sqm, relating to dry matter. It is important to let the adhesive dry completely before covering, to prevent incompletely evaporated solvents to evaporate during ironing, thereby causing bubbles. In case our adhesives have dried out a bit in an opened tin, you can restore the original viscosity by adding the appropriate thinner.


ORACOVER AIR Special thinner for hotmelt adhesive ORACOVER AIR Special thinner for hotmelt adhesive
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