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Cutting-machine Roland STIKA SV - 8, complete set

A must-have for logos, writings, templates and all professional designs.

Our cutting-machines are generally delivered as a complete starter package (including sample rolls of plotter film, transfer paper, computer cable and a lot of other things) to make an immediate, professional start with the new cutting machine possible for our customers.

The SV-8 is the most compact cutting-machine in our range. It can cut letters, logos and designs of max. 160 mm height and a length of max. 1000 mm.

The SV-8 package comprises: SV-8 cutting-machine, mains adaptor, cutting program CutStudio Design, STIKA driver for Windows and Mac, USB cable, blade holder, blade, 5 sample rolls EASYPLOT® polyester cutting-film 1 m each in various colours, transfer paper, felt blade, cutter, operation instructions. Additionally, we offer a telephone service helping you if difficulties should arise, free of service charge (but no free-phone!). The STIKA SV-8 is easy to use. It is to be connected to your computer by the USB port, just like a printer. The provided high performance CutStudio software enables you via its tiling feature to produce larger signs of up to 64 tiles (8 tiles horizontally and 8 tiles vertically). The new CutStudio software enables your to print the contours of a design to be cut (proof) on a standard desktop printer before cutting. The STIKA Navi On-Screen Operation Panel ensures correct media positioning for quality production.

Specifications: SV-8 Max. dim. Of cutting-surface: width 160 mm, length 1000 mm Suitable roll width: 195 mm - 215 mm Speed: 12 - 40 mm/sec Operating elements: Navi on-screen Operation Panel Port: USB interface Noise level: 60 dB(A) acc. to ISO 7779

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